Bastion - Štiavnické Bane

Reconstruction of the bastion and establishing of the Maximilián Hell exposition – Štiavnické Bane

EEA Grants

The financial mechanism of the European Economic Area and the Norwegian Financial Mechanism represent contributions of contributing countries, i.e. Norway, Island and Lichtenstein to several member states of the European Union. 

The contribution for the Slovak Republic in 2009-2014 amounts to more than EUR 80 million and is divided among different programs. 

The project for renewal of the bastion in Štiavnické Bane was submitted in the framework of the program: 

Conservation and revitalisation of cultural and natural heritage and promotion of diversity in culture and arts within European cultural heritage. 

This program is administered by the Government Office of the Slovak Republic. 

The official web page of the financial mechanisms in Slovakia provides information about the individual programs, about the possibilities of obtaining financial resources as well as about supported projects. You’ll find more on the Web site:

Maximilián Hell
Prechod Venuše
Bašta - definícia
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Projekt je financovaný z grantov Islandu, Lichtenštajnska a Nórska prostredníctvom Finančného mechanizmu EHP a zo štátneho rozpočtu Slovenskej republiky.
Supported by a grant from Iceland, Lichtenstein, Norway and co-financed by the State Budget of the Slovak Republik.


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