Bastion - Štiavnické Bane

Reconstruction of the bastion and establishing of the Maximilián Hell exposition – Štiavnické Bane


The main goal of the project is to protect the decaying building of the last circular anti-Turkish bastion in the village. The state of this rare monument is currently catastrophic: rain falls through holes in the roof and due to missing doors entry is accessible to anyone. Therefore, a complete reconstruction of the shingled roof will be done, and all opening will be safely closed up. Likewise, a replica of the original historical annex should be added on. A part of the plan is also the performing of a continuous archaeological survey, which should map out the space of the original historical annex.

In the bastion and the annex new electric installations will be installed with electrical connections and a new lightning rod. As inside, exterior lighting will also be created. All original plasters will be renovated in an artistic-crafts way. The new windows of the annex will be secured with historical replicas of metal bars. The wooden doors to the bastion and annex will likewise be carried out as historical replicas with external metal cladding. In the bastion interior the decrepit staircase will be replaced with a new one, as will the floors, which due to the leaky roof have been damaged by damp and thus are statically unsuitable. 

Since the bastion does not have an access path with stairs, two access paths will be supplemented with viewing terraces with seating. The design of firmly fixed furnishings is inspired by constructed mining machines, and their appearance will sensitively supplement the character of the village. 

Maximilián Hell
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Projekt je financovaný z grantov Islandu, Lichtenštajnska a Nórska prostredníctvom Finančného mechanizmu EHP a zo štátneho rozpočtu Slovenskej republiky.
Supported by a grant from Iceland, Lichtenstein, Norway and co-financed by the State Budget of the Slovak Republik.


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